New Hampshire lawmakers brutally kill 4th-graders’ bill right in front of them

Originally posted on TL;DR Civics:
Fourth graders from Lincoln Akerman School in Hampton Falls received a warm welcome at the State House last Thursday. They and their teacher, James Cutting, were guests in the Gallery. That reception quickly turned chilly as students got a glimpse of the cold, harsh realities of politics in the…

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I Just Suck at Friendship

I thrive in the world of text where I can take as long as I need to read, re-read, re-re-read what someone says until I am sure I understand what they mean, and I can take even longer, when needed, to try to understand what feelings they are putting into the words. I can take my time answering as well. I can rewrite my reply a dozen times if I need to in order to be comfortable with the communication.

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Religious Parenting: There is Another Way

I keep thinking about Leelah Alcorn and how different her life could have been if she had been born into a different family. Her uniqueness and her sense of self could have been cherished and nurtured in a way that helped her grow into a happy and healthy adult ready to share her talents, her passions, and her love with another human being. I never knew her, but this much seems pretty obvious to me.

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Happy New Year!

I am heading out to my girlfriend’s house now for dinner and some movie watching with her parents. I will be home sometime not long after midnight, in advance… Happy New Years Everyone!

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